Recommendations - Testimonials

I would like to thank everyone for the following compliments, but give most of it back to my editorial contributors and other contacts around the world, without which my work would not be possible. Especially I want to mention here Denis Dionne in Montreal, the Deputy Editor of the World Tourism Directory.





Alexander, Michael, Usability (IT) Consultant, Vienna + Athens

"Burkhard, thank you so much for your continued help. You are surprisingly well-connected in the tourism industry and have constantly impressed me by the amount of energy you put into the work you do. Especially, you have a talent to identify what I needed and provided it without thinking about the amount of work you are making for yourself. This is a rare quality, which I appreciate very much."


Armleder, Angela, German Studies and Political Science, Stuttgart/Germany

"In 2008, Burkhard Herbote was a great help when I did a search for organizations within the tourism industry; more specifically, it was concerning quality labels for Chinese tourism. I was impressed by the expertise that Burkhard possessed and how willing he was to take time to help me. I later learned that he is friendly and engaging to everyone. One gets the feeling that he always has the big picture in mind and not only does he know everything about tourism addresses but also on issues of politics, development, culture and religion. That is why he is one of the founders of the World Tourism Foundation which set the goal of world peace through the tool of tourism at its forefront. For several years, Burkhard has been one of my best friends; it's great that people like him exist today."

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