References - International Associations and Organizations

International Associations and Organizations in travel and tourism and related industries

The contacts of following associations and organizations are available by

ATTA Adventure Travel Trade Association
ATA Africa Travel Association
ATTA Africa Travel & Tourism Association
ATIO Agricultural Tour Operators International
Alpine Tourism Commission
ACTO/OTCA Amazon Cooperation Treaty Organization, Tourism Program
Andean Group, Consejo Andino de Autoridades de Turismo
ATOrg Arab Tourism Organization
ASEANTA ASEAN Tourism Association
AIPC Association Internationale des Palais de Congrès
APTA Association for the Promotion of Tourism to Africa
AWTE Association for World Travel Exchange
AICCF Association Internationale du Congrès des Chemins de Fer
AECO Association of Arctic Expedition Cruise Operators
ACDMC Association of Certified Destination Management Companies
ACTE Association of Corporate Travel Executives
ADME Association of Destination Management Executives
ALTO Association of Language Travel Organizations
ASATI Association of South Asian Travel Industry
ACTP Association of Tourism Security Professionals
ATME Association of Travel Marketing Executives

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