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There is no doubt anymore that videos are the recent media-stars of content creation - keeping in mind that - as of today - 75 percent of all internet traffic is already produced by "moving images".

There are several reasons, why no business should stay aside when it comes to featuring your own brand, destination or services in a video to boost attention enormously.

Adding a video to your website more than doubles the chance to be listed on the foremost search results on Google. And it is proven on top that it will also catch far more attention than printed text or a soundfile in comparisom. No wonder, no other media-form has a designed text performed by a catchy voice, emotionalizing music, convincing characters or protagonists and amazing footage melted together in a perfect harmony within a single media product, to put your communication-goal accross as powerful as possible. It will put you by far ahead of those competitors, who do not have a video to offer.

But video is not an isolated standalone media-star. It is also the frontrunner in Social Media aswell, when it comes to engagement and shared content. Videos are far more likely to go viral and seen by many, than any other media-product. So this makes it undisputable the number 1 of media marketing tools in the digital age. In fact there is hardly an argument to advise not having a video at hand if you want to be more successful with what you do or have on offer.

Therefore - having videos on display will also increase your conversion rate immensely - making a viewer a later customer - compared to other forms of online marketing, which you will outperform easily. And because it is online you will have the full power of all the tools which will lead you in analysis far more detailed to your target group.

One obstacle was always the price for producing videos - making the media-star video also available for medium or even small enterprises. The advanced digital technology has ended this and a very effective video is now also very affordable.

Get in touch with us and not only get a high value video for a decent price made by experienced professionals, but also get a consulting on top on distribution - since we have the obligation to extend your audience as far and broad as possible - even getting your video on TV.



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