Frequent contacts with key tourism organizations by nation/territory (incl. historical contacts, incl. former states) and with international tourism organizations and associations

Related contact details and websites of the following and other tourism organizations, associations, and companies you will find with

Additional - after 30 years of research and publishing - we had and have numerous contacts with several thousand of other government agencies (embassies, consulates, ministries of information, ministries of foreign affairs, chambers of commerce, chambers of tourism, tourism industry associations, tour operator associations, travel agency associations, related tourism industry media, airline companies, especially with tourism companies of the private sector), not to forget lot of former official contacts around the globe meanwhile changed into private contacts and some individuals even developed into valuable and trustful friendships…

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American Samoa:

Director of Tourism, Pago Pago (formerly)

Department of Commerce, Office of Tourism, Pago Pago (formerly)

American Samoa Visitors Bureau, Pago Pago


Cook Islands:

Ministry of Tourism & Culture, Avarua

Cook Islands Tourism Corporation, Avarua


Easter Island (Rapa Nui / Chile):

SENATUR, Hanga Roa

Gerente de Distino, Tourism Destination Marketing Office, Hanga Roa

Cámara de Turismo de Isla de Pascua, Hanga Roa


East Timor:

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Fiji Islands:

Ministry of Tourism, Suva

Fiji Visitors Bureau, Suva + abroad (formerly)

Tourism Fiji, Nadi + abroad


French Polynesia:

Ministère du Tourisme, Papeete

GIE Tahiti Tourisme, Papeete + abroad

Mavana Visitors Bureau, Papeete (formerly)

Gilbert & Ellis Islands:

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Guam Visitors Bureau, Hagatna (formerly Agana)



Hawaii Tourism Authority, Honolulu

Hawaii Visitors Bureau, Honolulu (formerly)

Hawaii Visitors and Convention Bureau, Honolulu



Ministry of Communication, Transport and Tourism Development, Tarawa

Kiribati National Tourist Office, Tarawa

Kiribati Visitors Bureau , Tarawa (formerly)


Marshall Islands:

Marshall Islands Visitors Authority, Majuro


Micronesia (Federated States):

Department of Economic Affairs, Palikir

FSM Visitors Board, Palikir

Chuuk Visitors Bureau, Weno

Truk Visitors Bureau, Weno (formerly)

Kosrae Visitors Bureau, Tofol

Pohnpei Visitors Bureau, Kolonia

Yap Visitors Bureau, Colonia



Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Environment, Yaren

Department of Island Development and Industry, Yaren (formerly)

Department of Tourism, Works and Community Service, Yaren (formerly)

Department of Tourism, Yaren

Nauru Tourist Office, Yaren (formerly)


New Caledonia:

Nouvelle-Calédonie Tourisme, Nouméa + abroad

Office de Tourisme de la Nouvelle-Caledonie, Nouméa (formerly)


New Hebrides:

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New Zealand:

Ministry of Tourism, Wellington

New Zealand Tourism Board, Wellington + abroad (formerly)

Tourism New Zealand, Wellington + abroad



Ministry of Tourism, Alofi

Niue Tourism Office, Alofi


Norfolk Island:

Norfolk Island Government Tourist Bureau, Kingston


Northern Marianas:

Marianas Visitors Bureau, Saipan



Ministry of Natural Resources, Environment & Tourism, Koror

Palau Visitors Bureau, Koror, Melekeok + abroad


Papua New Guinea:

Ministry of Civil Aviation and Tourism, Port Moresby

Ministry of Culture and Tourism, Port Moresby (formerly)

Ministry of Tourism, Arts & Culture, Port Moresby (formerly)

Papua New Guinea National Tourist Office, Port Moresby (formerly)

Papua New Guinea Tourism Promotion Authority, Port Moresby + abroad


Pitcairn Island:

Pitcairn Island Tourist Board, Adamstown

Pitcairn Island Administration, Auckland/NZ

Office of the Governor of Pitcairn, Henderson, Ducie and Oeno Islands, Wellington/NZ



Department of Trade and Tourism, Apia

Samoa Visitors Bureau, Apia (formerly)

Samoa Tourism Authority, Apia + abroad



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Timor Leste:

Ministerio do Turismo, Comercio e Industria (MICI), Dili

Direcção Nacional do Turismo, Dili

Secretaria de Estado do Turismo, Ambiente e do Investimento, Dili (formerly)



Office of the Ongoing Government of Tokelau, Apia/Samoa

Ofiha te o Fono a Malo Fakaauau o Tokelau, Apia/Samoa

Tokelau Apia Liaison Office (TALO), Apia/Samoa

Office of Tokelau Affairs, Apia/Samoa (formerly)



Ministry of Labour, Commerce, Industry and Tourism, Nuku’alofa

Tonga Visitors Bureau, Nuku’alofa

Tourism Tonga Tourism Association, Nuku’alofa



Ministry of Communication, Transport & Tourism, Funafuti

Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Trade, Tourism, Environment and Labour, Funafuti

Tuvalu Tourist Office, Funafuti



Ministry of Public Works, Communications, Transport, Civil Aviation and Tourism, Port Vila (formerly)

National Tourism Office of Vanuatu, Port Vila (formerly)

Vanuatu Visitors Bureau, Port Vila


Wallis & Futuna Islands:

Commission de la Culture, de l’Artisanat et du Tourisme, Mata-Utu

Association pour le developpement du tourisme et de l’artisanat des iles Wallis et Futuna, Mata-Utu


Western Samoa:

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