Denis Dionne - Editor North America, Mexico, South Africa, Francophone World, Aviation, News + Social Media Manager
Montréal, Québec
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Denis Dionne lives and works in Montréal, Canada, a cosmopolitan city in the province of Québec.
Since the end of the 80’s, his passion for travel and tourism pushed him to regularly contact embassies and tourism authorities where he developed good relationships that still last today. His main interest is the aviation world and the airline industry, however, tourism plays also a great part on his passions. One of its main interest is the development of third world countries through their tourism industry.
Denis was long-time a member of some tourism associations and has a particular relationship with the Africa Travel Association ( for whom, he regularly writes articles for their magazine and website.
He also regularly contributes articles to several North American travel newspapers and magazine and help to keep the industry informed about the latest news from the destinations.
His interest in tourism goes back to the end of the 80’s were, to develop its international knowledge, he was regularly in contact with foreign embassies and tourism offices, acquiring brochures from those countries to learn more about their culture, the economy and history. Tourism was an excellent way to learn about all those beauties our planet has to offer. He also develop relationships with airlines timetable collectors and acquired a good knowledge of the international airline industry from this.
Today, he works for Bombardier (, a Canadian aircraft manufacturing company, leader in the production of regional jets and corporate aircraft flown all over the world. He is also working for the development of the African tourism in Canada through, Maison de l’Afrique, a small society who acts as a tourism office for Africa in Canada. He also contribute hours to help embassies and tourism offices from around the world to learn about the Canadian market as a consultant and regularly exhibits in travel fairs in Canada for African nations.

He strongly believes that a better world can be develop through tourism exchanges and this lead him to become assistant editor, in 2006, to world famous World Tourism Directory (, the bible of tourism contacts written by Burkhard Herbote.

He is a travel passionate and his wife and son regularly joined him to explore the world.